Science & Innovation


Science and engineering are the foundation of our essential innovations.

For over two hundred years, we’ve been innovating around you. And right now, DuPont is working side by side with industry leaders in safety, healthcare, nutrition, electronics, mobility and construction, creating technology-based materials, ingredients and solutions that help transform industries and everyday life.


“This is a great time of expansion in the science of the human microbiome. From an innovation perspective, this area offers quite a bit of diversity for consumers, ways to impart positive health outcomes, and technology that is central to each individual on the planet.”

Angela Naef, PhD | Global Technology & Innovation Leader, Nutrition & Biosciences


Partners in Innovation

Our scientists and engineers work side by side with our partners to deliver innovative, successful solutions right now and for the future.

With the world’s population projected to increase from 7 to 9 billion by the year 2050, providing for the food, water, energy, and health care needs of people everywhere presents unprecedented challenges. Approximately 9,000 DuPont scientists and engineers collaborate with academics, companies, governments, and others to develop sustainable solutions to address these challenges.


“Our innovation strategy is aligned with the significant challenges highlighted in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as providing solutions to mitigate climate change, delivering technologies to support life-saving health care and helping to feed a growing world population.”

Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology & Sustainability Officer


Research & Development

DuPont is focused on fulfilling customer needs to help transform products, markets, and society.

Our diverse R&D toolkit includes industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, materials science, engineering, and more. We apply cutting-edge science to the development of more and better food production, alternative energy and lightweighting, protective apparel, and electronics. Our efforts encompass scientific discovery, research, product development, and process improvements.

Investing in transformative technologies
electronics comvergence image
Electronics convergence

Emerging technologies for miniaturization and speed

Increasing power density and frequency 

Advanced packaging for high performance devices

biotechnology-acceleration image
Biotechnology acceleration

Precision gene editing

Next generation genomics and metabolomics

Industrial-scale bioprocessing and microbial science

digital advancements image
Digital advancements

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Big data and predictive analytics

Smart technologies and connected devices

Center Spotlight

The Experimental Station

The DuPont Experimental Station in Wilmington, Delaware is one of the world’s first industrial R&D facilities. The breakthroughs made by scientists and engineers here are recognized the world over and include groundbreaking products like Kevlar®,  Tyvek®, and many others. Today, this landmark site serves as a core integrated business hub, with world class laboratories, offices, and more.

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Venture Opportunities

Clean Tech

We're focused on investing in solutions that can help our customers deliver on the promise of an environmentally sustainable future.

In addition to science and technology support, we also have global production expertise to help you bring new opportunities to market while meeting green manufacturing guidelines.
Here are the areas where we’re looking to partner and invest: 

  • Bioactives: enzymes, proteins, peptides
  • Biomaterials, biochemical, biologicals
  • Biorefineries, biofuels
  • Energy storage for automotive
  • Solar/photovoltaic
  • Sustainable/green building materials
  • If you have a business opportunity you’d like us to consider in one of these areas, we invite you to submit your business plan. 

DuPont is at the forefront of building science, with brands that construction professionals depend on for quality and performance.

We’re always looking for new opportunities that can help enhance the durability, appearance, and energy efficiency of residential and commercial construction.

Specifically, we are interested in innovations for these areas:

  • Acoustic insulation products
  • Interior surface and countertop functional aesthetic products and systems
  • Sustainable/green building materials
  • Thermal management and insulation membranes
  • If you have a business opportunity you’d like us to consider in one of these areas, we invite you to submit your business plan.
Electronic Materials

DuPont is a leading supplier of electronic and advanced display materials. We offer a broad portfolio of ceramic, flexible, and rigid organic circuit materials, as well as materials for photovoltaic, semiconductor fabrication, and packaging.

We also provide a wide range of products for the fast growing display industry with materials for advanced OLED, LCD, PDP displays, and more.

We’re interested in opportunities in these markets:

  • Conductive inks
  • Display materials
  • IC fabrication materials
  • Interconnect materials
  • Printable electronics
  • Other electronic materials
  • If you have a business opportunity you’d like us to consider in one of these areas, we invite you to submit your business pla
Nutrition & Biosciences

We’re looking to collaborate with businesses that can bring innovative, sustainable solutions to market in food ingredients, health, safety, biofuels, and high-performance bio-based materials made from sustainable sources.

From specialty ingredients to innovative biotechnology solutions, we’re looking for investment and partnership opportunities in the following areas:

  • Unique extraction, conversion, and separation approaches
  • Biotechnology based nutrition and health ingredients
  • Specialty ingredients that target health
  • Food safety and diagnostics
  • Enabling technologies and services such as formulation, encapsulation, and sensory enhancers
  • Bioactives: enzymes, peptides, proteins
  • Biorefineries for biofuels and biochemicals 
  • Synthetic biology—new enabling processes and materials
  • If you have a business opportunity you’d like us to consider in one of these areas, we invite you to submit your business plan.


Safety Technology

DuPont is focused on finding solutions to protect people, property, operations, and the environment. From law enforcement and military applications to technologies that help protect consumers from food illnesses and counterfeit products, DuPont science is at the forefront of safety technology.

With deep relationships across safety industries, we’re interested in innovative products that can make a difference in these areas:

  • Chemical/biological agent detection
  • Chemical/biological agent protection (apparel)
  • Fire prevention/protection
  • Fire resistant materials and textiles
  • Packaging security and authentication
  • Protective apparel
  • If you have a business opportunity you’d like us to consider in one of these areas, we invite you to submit your business plan.